Amazing variety within easy reach.  Montenegro offers it all: from the miles-long beaches of the Ada Bojana to the high peaks of Durmitor; from Europe’s southernmost fjord to its deepest canyon. Feel, taste, and discover the land of the Black Mountains – led by a knowledgeable guide or as an individual, self-guided traveler.




Southern Dalmatia is considered one of the most beautiful areas of the Adriatic coast. New discoveries and off-the-beaten-path experiences await you daily on the mainland as well as on the many offshore islands and peninsulas.   


For many, Serbia remains a “blank spot” on the travel destination map.  But as visitors will soon discover, this history-rich nation, a former Yugoslav republic, offers an incredible variety of cultural and natural attractions.


For decades, Albania was a secluded and mysterious area on the map of Europe, and was inaccessible for tourists.  Today, Albania is one of the most exciting and unspoilt nations to visit in the western Balkans.

Region of Variety

There is much to discover in the nations of the western Balkans.  Consider the beaches of Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, the wild mountain regions of Albania, and the wide plains along the Danube river in Serbia; there is unbelievable variety in both landscape and culture.  Often just a few minutes’ drive from the popular tourist areas, largely untouched regions await discovery by walkers, mountain bikers and nature lovers.

Each country and region has its own special characteristics and charms, which we will introduce on the following pages.