Southern Dalmatia, seat of the former maritime republic of Ragusa, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas of the Adriatic coast. New discoveries and off-the-beaten-path experiences await you daily on the mainland as well as on the many offshore islands and peninsulas.

3in1 Albania, Montenegro & Croatia by Bike

Travel style: Multi country cycling tour – with guide or self-guided
Interests:  nature, adventure, challenge
Duration:  8-10 days
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Croatia (Hrvatska)


  • Population:  4,290,000
  • Area: 56.594 km² (21,851 mi²)
  • Population density:  79/km² (196/mi²)
  • Capital city: Zagreb (population:  790,000)
  • Currency:  Croatian Kuna
  • Ethic groups: Croat (91%), Serb (5%), Bosnian (1%), Italian (0.5%), Other.
  • Religion:  Christian-Catholic (88%), Christian- Orthodox (4.5%), Muslim-Sunni (1.5%), Other.

Top recommendations


  • Walking in Mljet National Park


  • The historical Old Town of Dubrovnik


  • Folk art & traditional costumes in the Konavle Valley


  • Watermills on the Ljuta River


  • The subtropical island paradise of Lokrum


  • The ruins of Sokolgrad fortress on the old caravan route to Trebinje