MONTENEGRO - What to see, what to do

Bay of Kotor

The Bay

Driving along the fjord-like Bay of Kotor, the humble town of Perast, after the walled town of Kotor catches immediate attention. On dinghies to the island in the middle of the bay is another must-to-do during your visit of this magnificent UNESCO protected landscape – its surrounding mountains drop from 1800 m high right to the sea. The settlements along the Bay are shaped by many civilizations and empires. Explore the beauty of the Bay while walking or mountainbiking on trails built by the Austro-Hungarian Empire – or while a cycling right next to it´s shoreline

Durmitor & Tara

Mountains high, river deep

UNESCO World Heritage and Nationalpark Durmitor and Tara river situates one of the most popular and impressive mountains in the Western Balkans. Peaks up to 2500 m, glacier lakes and lush green pine forests  - an alpine atmosphere right at the doorstep of the Mediterranean. 

Beside the impressive nature, it’s the traditional life of the shepards who give this corner of Montenegro a very special pristine touch – almost a travel in time.

From the mountains high to the deepest canyon in Europe – the Tara canyon within a few kilometers. Explore the beauty of it´s emerald waters during a rafting trip.

Cetinje & Lake Skadar

Spirit of old Montenegro, the Lake and culinary delights

Get in touch with the Montenegrin spirit, which especially the residents of Cetinje and villages around Lake Skadar are especially proud of. A rugged landscape and political skill made it possible to establish the small kingdom of Montenegro in 19th century opposing the power of the Ottoman Empire. A stroll through Cetinje, takes you to the residences of the embassies of the leading world powers from the end of the 19th century, which strongly contrast the simple stone buildings of townhouses.

The Lake Skadar, the biggest lake in the Balkans, forms one of the largest bird sanctuaries of Europe. It is home to many species and gives shelter to migrating birds. The Dalmatian Pelikan represents one of most precious ones. Due to its climate it is the place the very Montenegrin wine, Vranac, is produced. Enjoy a glass of wine along with fish specialities form the lake after you explored it by foot, bike or seakayak.


Eastern frontier

The Prokletije mountains, the cursed mountains are shared with Albania and Kosovo. It is the remotest corner of Montenegro, but not the least impressive. Monumental carst-needles surround lush green valleys.

The cultural center is Plav. It´s multi-ethnical population adds an additional exotic touch to this part of the country. Here start/end our “Peaks of the Balkans” treks.

Bjelasica & Komovi

Panoramas and shepard´s life

Bjelasica mountain offers the visitor a rolling green mountain landscape, especially rich in flowers during June. The Nationalpark Biogradska gora, famous for it´s ancient forest and mystic lake is the heart of the region. This region offers excellent opportunities for panorama walks/mountainbike tours including authentic overnight and food experiences at shepards places.