For many, Serbia remains a “blank spot” on the travel destination map.  But as visitors will soon discover, this history-rich nation, a former Yugoslav republic, offers an incredible variety of cultural and natural attractions. The warm hospitality of the inhabitants completes this truly authentic Balkan experience.  

Our offers in the region:

Culture walk in south Serbia and north Kosovo

Travel style: Guided walking and cultural tour
Duration:  8 days
Destination: Kopaonik National Park, the Mokra mountain region, the monasteries of southern Serbia
Availability: JFMAMJJASOND

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Walking in Serbia

Travel style: Guided walking tour
Interests:  mountains, culture, discovery
Duration:  8-10 days
Availability: JFMAMJJASOND

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Serbia (Srbija)


  • Population7.120.000
  • Area: 77.474 km² (29,913 mi²)
  • Population density:  92/km² (238/mi²)
  • Capital city: Belgrade (population:  1.3 million)
  • Currency:  Serbian Dinar
  • Ethic groups: Serb (83%), Hungarian (3.5%), Bosnian (2%), Roma (2%), Other.
  • Religion:  Christian- Orthodox (85%), Christian-Catholic (6%), Muslim-Sunni (3%), Other.

Top recommendations:

  • The “earth pyramids” of Đavolja Varoš (“Devil’s Tower”) in the Radan mountains.
  • River boat ride through Đerdap National Park.
  • The monastery in the Raška district, a World Heritage Site
  • The Roman ruins in Gamzigrad:  Felix Romuliana
  • Walking under vultures at the Uvac Special Nature Reserve
  • Local wine producers and culinary specialties of southern Serbia
  • Mountain biking high over the Vlasina lake. 
  • Historical narrow-gauge railway “Šargan Eight” and the Drvengrad (“Timber Town”) village museum.