For many, Serbia remains a “blank spot” on the travel destination map.  But as visitors will soon discover, this history-rich nation, a former Yugoslav republic, offers an incredible variety of cultural and natural attractions. The warm hospitality of the inhabitants completes this truly authentic Balkan experience.  

Culture walk in south Serbia and northern Kosovo

Travel style: Guided walking and cultural tour
Duration:  8 days
Destination: Kopaonik National Park, the Mokra mountain region, the monasteries of southern Serbia
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Walking in Serbia

Travel style: Guided walking tour
Interests:  mountains, culture, discovery
Duration:  8-10 days
Availability: JFMAMJJASOND

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Serbia (Srbija)


  • Population7.120.000
  • Area: 77.474 km² (29,913 mi²)
  • Population density:  92/km² (238/mi²)
  • Capital city: Belgrade (population:  1.3 million)
  • Currency:  Serbian Dinar
  • Ethic groups: Serb (83%), Hungarian (3.5%), Bosnian (2%), Roma (2%), Other.
  • Religion:  Christian- Orthodox (85%), Christian-Catholic (6%), Muslim-Sunni (3%), Other.

Top recommendations:

  • The “earth pyramids” of Đavolja Varoš (“Devil’s Tower”) in the Radan mountains.
  • River boat ride through Đerdap National Park.
  • The monastery in the Raška district, a World Heritage Site
  • The Roman ruins in Gamzigrad:  Felix Romuliana
  • Walking under vultures at the Uvac Special Nature Reserve
  • Local wine producers and culinary specialties of southern Serbia
  • Mountain biking high over the Vlasina lake. 
  • Historical narrow-gauge railway “Šargan Eight” and the Drvengrad (“Timber Town”) village museum.