Your Travel Style


 We are all different, and we all want something different from our holidays, too. Happily, the unbelievable variety of the Western Balkans means that almost every holiday taste can be catered for. Whether you want adventure, culture or relaxation, or a little of all three, you’ll find it here.



Self-guided tours: travel independently but with the support of our back-up service



With a few exceptions, we offer all our tours as a self-guided options, to suit independent travellers. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to walk, hike or bike at your own pace, taking breaks whenever you like, while we organise the logistics for you: accommodation, including breakfast; luggage transfers; detailed tour planning; a comprehensive information package, maps and GPS trackers. We’re always on the end of the phone, for emergencies or queries, so you won’t feel on your own.




Guided tours: explore and experience with a knowledgeable local guide



If you value perfect organisation and the company of an experienced guide, our guided tours are perfect for you. From accommodation to food and transportation, everything is arranged. Our trained and certified guides accompany you throughout your entire trip. Guides are friendly and flexible, and can adapt the schedule according to the wishes of the group, changes in the weather or unexpected events.