Horseback riding in Montenegro

 Stunningly beautiful, remarkably diverse, Montenegro astounds and delights at every turn.  The frenzy of the beach culture abruptly gives way to an untamed interior where wolves and bears still roam the dark mountain forests which gave Montenegro (“Black Mountain”) its name.


Only 625,000 people live in this nascent adventure destination, which holds some of the most rugged terrain in Europe.  High mountains with limestone peaks, canyons, glacial lakes, plateaus and vast forests are packed into an area approximately 2/3 the size of Wales. But the wild -- and at times harsh – beauty of the landscape is in direct contrast to the warm Balkan hospitability of its inhabitants.


Tourists are still something of a rarity in the north, and the horse-loving inhabitants always have a wave and a friendly word, often followed by an offer of a cup of coffee or homemade brandy (Rakija), for travelers on horseback. 


We offer two different itineraries:


1) "The Mountain Wreath Journey: in the hoofprints of poets & warriors, bishops & kings." (mid April - mid June, mid September - end of October)

Craggy mountains plunge into the Adriatic Sea, striking karst formations tower above lush hidden valleys. Shepherds tend their flocks while sturdy ponies graze freely on the rocky hillsides.

Old Royal Montenegro, (circa 16th – 19th centuries), with its millennium-old trade routes and strategic military location between warring empires, had a complex and fascinating history. The fiercely independent population of this nearly impregnable mountainous territory was divided into factious clans led by military chieftains, and united under a “Vladika” (Prince-Bishop). The Petrović clan of the Njegoš region held the post for many years; their mark left in nearly every village and hamlet we pass. One of the most influential, Petar II -- prince, bishop and warrior, but also philosopher and poet -- captured the political-historical struggles of the region, as well as documented the culture and traditions of the Montenegrin people in his 1846 epic poem, “The Mountain Wreath,” the theme of our journey.

On our journey, we travel in a traditional manner – on horseback -- through each of the four districts of Old Royal Montenegro, as well as follow trade routes to and from settlements on the shores of Lake Skadar, the largest lake in Southern Europe.  We explore two national parks with their quickly changing and often surprising landscapes.  The local horses are bred to thrive in the rocky terrain.  The inhabitants of the region are always ready to offer a friendly wave -- and often a coffee or homemade brandy



2) Legend of the Wolf (mid June - mid September)

Hidden mountain lakes; rugged landscapes of striking stone formations; high plateau summer pastures with seemingly endless rolling hills; hidden ancient forest groves; valleys of roaring rivers where sheepdogs stand watch over their vulnerable charges:  the north of Montenegro, a rugged and wild land, has yet to submit to the rule of man.



 Ride with us back into the past and through the land of the legends of the wolf. Here, intrepid shepherds live in the peaked mountain huts of their ancestors, draw water from ancient wells tucked between the limestone rocks, and in the shadows of the momentous mountain ranges slicing through the landscape, strike a balance with nature.



Scheduled departures in 2016


Mountain Wreath



Legends of the Wolf

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Price: € 1290,--/min. 4 persons */**

Single room on demand available; € 15,--/night

*small group supplement applies for groups of less than 4

** special rates for private groups


Services included:

7 overnights, full-board, English speaking guide, schedulel transfers starting from airport Podgorica;


The 8-day horseback riding adventures are suitable for medium experienced riders, who are secure in all gaits.  This trip is suitable for riders, who like to get in touch with local life in Montenegro and are ready for a small adventure.


Beside the scheduled departures, we are happy to arrange a private trip for you at any time to suit you between Apri and October. Min. number of participants: 4 persons


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