Enjoyable hiking in Boka Bay

Pleasure hiking on the Montenegrin coast, old Austrian military routes, and to historic fortresses, ancient trade paths, fantastic panoramas and the pleasure of mediterranean life style and delights....

The diversified mountain world in the north of the country is made accessible by the long distance trail called ‘Through the mountains of Montenegro’. - Prokletije, the ‘Cursed mountain’ connects Montenegro and North Albania.  Our trekking ‘Border crossing’ hikes on the trails followed by pioneers of travelling in the Balkans. - You can hike along the whole Montenegrin coast, from Orjen in the north through the Lovćen national park to the Rumija mountain in the south, on the ‘Coastal trail’ .


Family fun

Hike and fun: geocache treasure hunt to old fortresses, safaris through jungle-like forests, meeting with people and animals on mountain pastures. Our special programs for families are characterized by small groups, plenty of space for spontaneous decisions and enough time to play and to experience.