Experience a winter fairy tale in Montenegro´s mountains!

Climb peaks and reach places of breathtaking beauty others cannot easy get to. Discover the miracle that is winter. Be the first to trace snowed in winter forests an across mountaintops - you will experience pristine nature!


Snowshoe hiking is easy to do – the snowshoe distributes your weight over a larger area thereby preventing you from sinking into the snow as deeply as you would without snowshoes.

Enjoy your hikes in the safety of a trained winter tour guide. Snowshoeing is not the only way to go in winter but rather is a way to readily combine sports and nature for anyone at little effort.

The first snow transforms pastures into surreal sculptures of white frosted plains glittering in the sun – the snowladen trees seem like figures from a winter tale covered in their glistening white coats. In the backdrop the peaks of impressive massifs extend into the deep stark blue sky....