Our tours

We believe that active adventures rather than passive sightseeing are the best way to discover the wild landscapes, rich culture and friendly people of the Western Balkans. The three Es of our name, 3e Travel, sum this up: explore, experience, enjoy. That’s the secret to a memorable holiday here, and from cycling to trekking, all our tours deliver that triple bill. In addition, every tour you see on our site can be tailored to you – just ask.


Walking Tours
Our walking tours follow ancient caravan routes and shepherds’ paths through some of the most spectacular mountain landscapes in the Balkans. From coastal walking in Montenegro to mountain trails in Albania, the routes are as varied as the views. To help you walk with a spring in your step, your luggage is transferred each day, so you only need carry a day pack.

Cycling Tours

We love the freedom cycling provides, and specialise in self-guided bike tours, mostly in Montenegro, which wind through ever-changing and amazingly beautiful landscapes, following quiet, asphalt roads. You’ll be able to stop off at cultural sites such as monasteries and old churches, and each day’s route is designed to leave time for relaxation, swimming and sightseeing, too.

Wilderness Trekking Tours

Follow your feet – walk as far as they will take you. On our wilderness trekking tours, explore the Via Dinarica or the Peaks of the Balkans trails, sleeping in cottages or tents on the mountain pastures overnight, or now and again enjoying the comfort of a family-run hotel or private pension. This is a chance to immerse yourself in nature and relish the quiet solitude of the long-distance hiking trails that snake through Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Albania. 


Mountain Bike Tours

Our mountain bike tours offer pure adventure on amazing trails in Montenegro. Pedal along old shepherds’ paths and caravan routes through spectacular mountain landscapes. Discover the rolling hills of the endless high plateaus, the deep canyons and the genuine hospitality of mountain shepherds living in remote cottages, dotted across isolated alpine pastures. Travel with your own bike, or explore with our Specialized mountain bikes, available to rent.


Horse Trekking Tours

Saddle up and ride out to discover Montenegro’s most beautiful regions, on one of our horse trekking tours. You’ll ride along ancient routes inaccessible even to mountain bikes and cover distances not possible by foot. Tourists on horseback are a rarity, and the horse-loving Montenegrins always have a wave and a friendly word for riders, often followed by an offer of coffee, pomegranate juice or fruit brandy (rakija).


Ski Tours and Winter Adventures


See Montenegro’s mountains cloaked entirely in white. Our ski tours in Biogradska Gora and Durmitor National Parks are custom-made for ski enthusiasts and experienced independent adventurers. You can also request to be accompanied by an experienced ski guide.


Wine and Food Tours

The Balkans is a cultural melting pot, with a varied and delicious cuisine to match. Eating and drinking is such an enjoyable way to understand a culture, and all our tours give you the chance to tuck into local specialities, meet chefs and chat with vintners, who will share their knowledge of the ingredients, skill and traditions that go into each region’s local wine and food.


Family Adventures

Montenegro offers an astounding variety of landscapes in an area half the size of Wales, making it an ideal playground for intrepid explorers of all ages. The hospitality of the people of this tiny Balkan nation is legendary, too, and children are warmly welcomed. Multi activity tours are a great choice for families, packing in plenty to keep adults and children of all ages and stages amused and active.



Cultural Tours


The long history of the Western Balkans is visible in ancient sites and historic towns, dotted throughout the region. Explore archaeological treasures such as Lepenski Vir, a Paleolithic site in Serbia, discover ruins from the Roman era, Ottoman architecture and beautiful old monasteries decorated with precious frescoes and icons.


Beaches & Coastal Walks

Mountains and sea, two of nature’s finest features, join forces in Montenegro, in a jumble of pristine beaches, rocky cliffs and hidden bays the length of its coast. Few places in the world can offer such diverse, breathtaking coastal beauty. Enjoy a morning hiking in the high mountains followed by a refreshing afternoon plunge in the Adriatic, then wind down with an evening stroll along a beach promenade. Montenegro does surf and turf with style.